From consultancy to complete control systems, from small trouble shooting problems to large networks, EDG provides the complete water solution.


EDG has worked in the water industry for over period of 25 years. Originally the company specialised in desalination systems but soon expanded to cover other areas of the water industry, in particular water supply, distribution and purification.

With the advent of computer controlled systems, and SCADA systems in particular, EDG was able to combine its expertise in this area with their water expertise, and was therefore able to offer clients a broad range of engineering skills. This in conjunction with computerised management systems, has led to systems which has been readily accepted by the water industry and have been successfully installed at many sites. Typical of these sites is the City of Houston water distribution and control system.

Considerable expertise is available at EDG in the mechanical and electrical plant engineering requirements of water supply, sewage and industrial waste treatment, and effluent utilisation. This means that precise control and monitoring requirements to produce the best from a SCADA system are readily understood and can be effectively implemented.


As well as proposing solutions via feasibility studies and producing working schemes for distribution of water and effluent from source to treatment to consumer, EDG can also coordinate control and monitoring with confidence on such specific items as:

  • Pretreatment, screenings, grit and grease removal, detritors and macerators
  • Aeration
  • Clarification
  • Activated sludge/raw sludge/supernatant treatment and recirculation
  • Measuring flumes and metering stations
  • Sludge thickening and pressing
  • Alum, lime, acid and polymer dosing
  • Flocculation and flotation
  • Multimedia sand, gravel, and carbon filtration, (with back-washing via loss of head, turbidity sensing, etc.)
  • Primary and secondary reservoirs with pre and post chlorination and other forms of disinfection.
  • Centrifugal, screw, submersible, wet and dry well, and horizontal/vertical pumping station installations
  • Furnace and burner control systems
  • Digesters
  • Tertiary treatment


In addition to EDG's "Domestic" water capabilities EDG has also extensive experience in all aspects of water injection, from initial feasibility, through detailed design to complete turnkey systems


Further information on water systems can be found under "Control Systems - Water"