Minimise your maintenance, improve your data , provide leak detection, add automatic control, why wait when you can have EDG's tank gauging and inventory systems and solutions now


 EDG's experience covers single tanks to some of the worlds largest tank farms, from refineries to air force bases, from tanker loading systems to bulk fuel supply depots.  EDG has built up over the last 25 years extensive experience of tank farms and gauges providing conceptual design, feasibility studies, preliminary design, detailed design, project management and construction supervision.  Since the mid 80's EDG has also provided tank gauging solutions as a turnkey provider offering a complete integrated tank gauging and inventory system complete with leak detection.


EDG specialises in tank gauging and inventory systems providing the complete solution using EDG's Automatic Fuel Handling Software (AFHS) a versatile control package based on standard industrial platforms that has been specially developed for this type of application. EDG developed this system along with the Defense Fuels Supply Command (DFSC) in the mid 80's and subsequently through continual development has been completely upgraded to provide a current state of the art solution.  The AFHS is a SCADA package which automates and controls tank farms and bulk fuel handling depots to monitor fuel inventory and provide leak detection with optional facilities for the automatic control and sequencing of valves, pumps and motors should this be required. 


EDG's believes in minimum maintenance solutions providing tank gauges with no moving parts (when wished) complete with automatic correction should any failure of a sensor occur, yet still providing industrial leading accuracy.  EDG will always provide the best gauging solution for any particular application irrespective of whether it is of EDG manufacture.


EDG has supplied over 300 sites in the last 3 years for all types of tanks including small and large underground tanks, earth fill tanks, above ground tanks of all sizes and dimensions including cylindrical (vertical and horizontal) and spherical tanks for a variety of liquids.