Learning from the Past .... Looking to the Future.  EDG's 35 years of Experience and Capabilities in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution is the envy of many.


EDG offers a vast array of specialist services to the power industry.  Whether partnering with independent power producers or working with the primary client,  EDG  has established a world-renowned reputation of being able to successfully carry out difficult undertakings, completing the projects in record time.


From plant site selection to final commissioning, EDG stands ready to provide a turnkey installation site or, as requested, feasibility studies, detailed engineering, vendor evaluation, equipment/ materials procurement and construction management. Among such activities, the EDG Project Book includes a 300 MW base load combined cycle power generation plant plus multiple power generation stations located in areas ranging from searing heat to frigid cold. EDG has served the power generation field for over 35 years and during this time has designed and supervised construction of numerous base load and peak service installations. Applied technology included gas turbine, steam turbine, and engine driven generation. Both aircraft and heavy duty industry type gas-fired turbines have been utilized.



Cogeneration ensures a potentially high return on investment for our customers. This concept offers a sequential, energy-efficient, and environmentally beneficial method of production and consumption of both electrical or mechanical energy and thermal energy. EDG's involvement in this area includes multiple-energy generation from such resources as fossil fuels, steam, waste-heat boilers and combination gas turbines with auxiliary boilers. EDG has a comprehensive knowledge of the most recent environmental constraints and licensing procedures. We are capable of providing services ranging from design concept to turnkey installation on a worldwide basis.


Gas Turbines

In 1984 EDG acquired a major equity position in Fern Engineering of Boume, Massachusetts a leading consultant in the design, application and testing of large gas turbines. With the control and construction expertise that EDG brought to the union, design specifications, detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning have been accomplished on projects utilizing most of the world's major turbine manufacturers including Brown Boveri, General Electric, Hitachi, Rolls Royce, Ruston and Solar.  EDG provides complete "Balance of Plant" capabilities and offers several "off the shelf" solutions for the provision of standardised power generation modules to meet industry requirements.  By the combination of these standard products, most power generation capacities can be easily and quickly met.


Transmission and Distribution

EDG has provided engineering and construction supervision for transmission and distribution projects with an installed cost of over $400 million. Undertaking transmission lines up to 345 KV, and substations up to 500 KV,  in both public and private sector projects. Projects include over 80 substations in the Southwest U.S.A., a 90 mile transmission line in Argentina and numerous distribution systems for total communities as well as for oil and gas related projects.


Feasibility and Technical Studies

EDG offers both producers and users of energy a team of consultants experienced in all aspects of cogeneration and combined cycle systems. The company provides engineering studies to ensure optimum system performance at minimum cost, such as power generation options, electrical fault relay co-ordination, load shedding, load flow, system stability and associated fuel systems. In every case, EDG is prepared to evaluate the technical and commercial parameters of the project in order to advise the client on a predictable, dependable Return On Investment.


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