A short overview of EDG's background and capabilities are given below, gained from over a third of a century of continual growth.


EDG is a multidisciplinary company specialising in Control Systems and Power Generation as consulting and contracting engineers.  

EDG's comprehensive organisation provides consulting engineering, systems integration, turnkey systems, construction and construction management, and technical/inspection services.

EDG is a "Function Oriented" company, an operating philosophy that enables the client to assign turnkey project responsibility or, as individually needed, to select from an extensive menu of EDG services.

EDG's major offices are located in Sussex, England and Tulsa, Oklahoma, with fully-staffed field offices located throughout the United States and the rest of the world.


Industries Served

Historically active in the energy fields, EDG has provided all engineering disciplines traditionally required by the oil, gas, chemical/ petrochemical and pipeline industries. This included electrical power generation, distribution and control. Years of involvement with both onshore and offshore oil and gas projects inevitably led to expanded capabilities that found ready markets in mining, municipal water/wastewater, electric utilities, aerospace, defence, public/private institutions, governmental projects and industry in general.

Mature, Creative, Vigorous

From EDG's commencement in 1960, a much-expanded EDG, is now well passed its Silver Anniversary having an impressive corporate growth from six to 370 employees. The roster includes an extensive staff of Senior Consultants, most of whom have 25 to 30 years of experience in their respective fields.


Technologies Applied

EDG was initially formed to provide electrical, instrumentation, automation and telecommunications engineering services. It is, therefore, hardly surprising, that today the company is an acknowledged leader in the integration of hardware, software and peripheral equipment for computer-based Distributed Control (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems.

Expanded expertise demanded by the market diversification, has led EDG to numerous projects in gas turbine power generation, cogeneration, waste-heat recovery, substation and electrical distribution engineering. In brief, custom designing a broad range of control and power systems has become commonplace at EDG.


"Engineering" ROI

EDG's philosophy is that in the final analysis the engineered project must produce a positive "Return on Investment". This can be achieved in a variety of ways.

   Engineering to conserve costly energy

   Engineering to increase machine

       or labour efficiency

   Engineering to advance product quality

   Engineering to reduce materials waste

   Engineering to improve competitive position

   Engineering to lower construction costs

   Engineering to reduce maintenance costs

   Even engineering to reduce the cost

       of engineering expense

In actual practice, such factors usually appear in combination, but the thrust is always to produce a bottom-line figure that will justify the client's investment. In point of fact, such justification can be found in every EDG undertaking, from the simplest feasibility study to the most complex turnkey system.


Total Quality Management (TQM)

EDG corporate management regards Total Quality Management (TQM) as a top priority and a vital part of EDG's standard approach to doing business.  Its is no surprise therefore that EDG is an ISO 9001 certified company.  We train all our personnel, in all of our offices and at all job sites for every contract, in its application. The evolution of quality control methods and techniques has matured into an overall TQM system, an overall methodology for performing all aspects of our day-to-day work. EDG takes pride in providing each and every one of our customers with services and products that are error-free, on schedule, and to the customer's satisfaction, each and every time.